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accounting-806393_640Factoring is a means of getting a cash advance on payable invoices. Factoring companies hold the payable invoices, and the business gets the much needed cash. When the debtor pays the invoice directly through the financing company, and monies remaining are then given to the business. There is a fee, of course, for this service, and the service has two types of factoring coverage: recourse and non recourse factoring services.

Recourse financing translates to what the meaning of recourse actually is in and of itself. When recourse financing is the term of the cash advance on payable invoices, should the debtor of that invoice not pay his or her invoice, the factoring company has “recourse”, or the option, to get the monies owed directly from the business receiving the cash advance. Recourse financing means the business is held liable for the future payment of the payable invoice.

On the other hand, non recourse financing is similar but different. With non recourse factoring, should the debtor of the payable invoice not come through on the payment(s), the business is not responsible for the cash advance amount or fee. Instead, in non recourse financing, the financing company is held liable for receiving payment from the payable invoice.

Both types of factoring are popular, and usually, a financing company only does one. However, more and more financing companies are choosing to offer both services to their customers. Since recourse financing is less dangerous for the factoring company than the alternative, factoring companies are choosing both as a viable option for your cash advance needs.

As may be obvious, non recourse financing has a higher liability than the recourse financing to the factoring company. This means it is easier to get a recourse financing cash. Nonetheless, getting a factoring loan will have a lot of different factors taken into consideration such as credit rating, cash amount of the invoices available, and/or time business has been in business.

Finding a good financing company will be the best way to decide this answer. Factoring companies have different requirements and offers, and finding out whether financing is right for your growing or established business is only determined by speaking directly with a reputable factoring company.

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Do you a have a trucking company but you have troubles with brokers, agents, shippers, etc…? All that can change. Have you heard of freight factoring? If you didn’t, you should take a look. Freight factoring is a simple method of handling your money network for your trucking business. By using freight factoring, you would be receiving money straight away because freight factoring company is purchasing your invoice for packages that you previously delivered. Unless you want to wait for so long to get paid by your clients or brokers, freight factoring will give you the option to be paid right away.

Freight factoring

Freight factoring is a clever way to handle your money flow and to wrap up your losses immediately so you can look forward to the next package. The freight factory company (you can find a term called factor that means the same) can take all the plaudits for making this achievable because the process works like this; you give money for invoice at once and then you after go to collect money for all freight expenses from your client or broker. For a fee of course. It’s much better than loans because you are not making any debt. These kinds of companies are not similar to the process of getting a loan – therefore, you shouldn’t worry about your company when you are working with freight factoring company.

dreamstime_xl_20631993sIf you are still confused how this works, let me explain it even easier. Let say you are not using freight factory, then the process would be like this: Agent or transporter hires a driver to haul a shipment. Then driver brings the shipment to the recipient. The driver then waits for several weeks to get paid by agent or transporter. With freight factory, later stages of this process are much simpler. The driver receives money from the factor and the deadline is maybe a day. Then the factor receives money from agent or transporter. So the process of several weeks is shortened by few days. However, it is normal that people are having doubts about freight factoring. People are suspicious since Adam and Eve. But we can answer to all of your questions, so that can those doubts become thumbs up of our future collaboration.

So if you have a question about how freight factoring actually works, or what you need to become a user of our service, or you need to sign a long-term contract, everything will be answered to you on our properly organized websites. But you will find some answers here. You already know how it actually works and if you are worried about signing some contracts, you shouldn’t be now. Freight factoring companies are not looking for long-term contracts. You should also know that freight factoring companies are paying you directly to your bank accounts and that they don’t have any policies recourse and non-recourse products. For working with us, all you need is a copy of ID and all those papers which you are proving that you have a trucking company.


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